My Journey

My love of horses began at a young age as I read every horse related book my local library had. I started taking riding lessons and joined a 4-H horse club when I was 12 years old. I was soon competing locally in western classes and quickly expanded into english, halter, and gymkhana events. I even tried saddleseat for my high school equestrian team. Later, I became interested in hunter/jumper and took lessons for a few years in that discipline. I continued competing in college founding an IHSA show team at Saginaw Valley State University during my freshman year.

I was first introduced to Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship 13 years ago when I attended a local tour stop with my family. The relationships I saw there between horses and their human partners changed my life. Through the Parelli home study program, my unruly yearling and first horse, Gus, became my dream partner. His dangerous behaviors of charging, kicking, and biting disappeared.

In 2009, we attended the Masterclass and then spent a month with 5* Instructor John Baar at the Parelli Center in Pagosa Springs, CO. During that time, I committed myself to becoming a Parelli Professional to support others in their horsemanship journeys.  Gus and I attained our level 3 and played well into level 4 prior to his retirement due to a chronic condition.

I completed an Externship and the 2* Instructor Course at the Parelli Center in 2012 with my new horse, Shadow. I returned to the Parelli Center in 2013 to partake in the Instructor Horsemanship Course with 6* Master Instructor Carol Coppinger. I passed my level 4 with Shadow.

I also worked on the Parelli Road Crew in 2013. I enjoyed working at the the tour stops and special events, such as the Dressage Summit.

I am excited to be teaching as a licensed 2* Instructor offering private lessons, group lessons, and workshops  focused on the online, freestyle, and liberty savvies.  

I went to Texas in May of 2014 to participate in a colt start that Pat Parelli was teaching. It was an amazing experience, and in addition to colt starting, we learned about taming horses.

In 2015, I attended a 2-week course with Linda Parelli at the Florida campus and I returned later in the year to assist with teaching the Foundation of Horsemanship 4-week course.

I have spent 2016 reaching as many horse owners and lovers in Michigan as possible with the Parelli system and I've enjoyed seeing many success stories unfold! I'm looking forward to being a part of more successes in 2017!

As an instructor in the field, I am focusing on helping people build better relationships with their horses and live their dreams. I don't want anyone to struggle at home alone because there isn't accessible instructor support. If you ever have a question, I'm here to help! Now let's start making your dreams a reality.

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