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Well, it finally feels like spring is here! With the change in season, my horsemanship journey is also evolving. As you know, I’ve been selected to compete in the American Horsewoman’s Challenge and have been searching for a colt to be my partner in this endeavor. This past Friday, I found him! I brought him home yesterday, and I’m excited to get started building our relationship!

When buying a horse, especially a young one, there are a lot of unknowns. I can only hope my instincts were right! So far, I’m happy with what I’ve seen as I’ve observed and played with him today. He’s a little unsure and needs to develop more confidence, but with that being said, he’s quite a confident guy already! My favorite thing about him so far (in addition to his size) is his high level of curiosity and desire to interact.

Yesterday, we just bonded and did a bit of catching game and yielding the hindquarters. This morning, I observed him while cleaning the pasture out, which was fascinating. He was a bit worried about the riding lawn mower and dump cart we were driving around the pasture. It was funny to see him get a bit startled and then soon quickly turn to face it and even approach it to investigate it several times. He also came over to say hi to me and he managed to talk me into sharing my granola bar :)

This afternoon, I went out intending to groom and play with all three of my horses. My new guy walked all the way to me from the far side of the pasture! I kept it simple and slow evaluating his reactions and responses. Not only did he get groomed, we made it through all 7 games, and I have to say for his first time, I was quite impressed! His stickiest games are porcupine and squeeze. Sideways was a breeze!

My immediate goals with him are to get him responding to a softer feel, introduced to a bareback pad, and confident with trailering. I found out yesterday that he has some fairly significant issues with the trailer, so that will be a fun project! I’m contemplating filming his trailering progress and offering it as a video to the public for a small sponsorship fee. Stay tuned for more information!


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